The Edith Nesbit Society

President: Dame Jacqueline Wilson, OBE


To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Edith Nesbit on 15 August 1858 the society launched a poetry competition. The competition was open to children from 6-10 and 11-16 years of age.

The Edith Nesbit Society was delighted with the response to the poetry competition. A selection of the many poems received were sent to Jacqueline Wilson for a final decision on the winner in each category.

For the 6-10 year olds Danielle Tye's 'A Little Fairy' was chosen and for the 11-16 year olds Eloise Richardson's 'Edith Nesbit's 150th Anniversary'.

A signed copy of Jacqueline Wilson's latest book 'Cookie' was given by her to the first prize winners and signed photographs to all competitors.

The winning poems are reproduced on this page and thank you everyone who took part and congratulations to you all!

A little fairy
A gas ball flying throu the sky
It flutters up and down
Jeting throu the atmosphere
A little person wallking in the clouds
Wings as thick as a peny
She glides your tooth from beneath your pillow
Replaced it with a golden coine

Edith Nesbit's 150th Anniversary
I walked in my beautiful garden,
The Psammead to my right,
To the sound of trickling water,
And the call of a phoenix in flight.

I found a carpet that tingled
With magical thoughts from my mind,
So I squashed it flat into a book
For some brothers and sisters to find.

I heard a railway train's whistle,
And I wondered what children would do
If they moved right next to a railway ...
So I put them in a book for you too!

I've written so many books now,
Created my own unique world.
And even if everything else fades away,
They've kept me alive all these years.