The Edith Nesbit Society

President: Dame Jacqueline Wilson, OBE


Shortly before the society was founded Lewisham Council placed a plaque on 28 Elswick Road, Lewisham (a former home of Edith Nesbit). This was unveiled by Fern Ravandi, her great granddaughter, in September 1995.
The wooden memorial over Edith's grave at St Mary in the Marsh, Kent, was replaced in August 1998 with a new green oak one carved by Mark Folds. This was financed by the society together with contributions from the Eltham Society and the Nesbit Society. The original, carved by Edith's second husband, Tommy Tucker, now resides in the porch of St Mary in the Marsh together with an explanatory small brass plaque.
With funding from Greenwich Council, The Edith Nesbit Society and the Eltham Society, a plaque was unveiled by Jenny Agutter on 4 May 2004 on the site where Well Hall House had once stood.
The 'Railway Children Walk' running from Baring Road, S E London, down to the railway line from Kent into London, alongside the site of Edith's former home 'Three Gables'. The sign was unveiled in September 1996.
Sycamore House, Dymchurch, Kent
The plaque on this building commemorates the time Edith Nesbit and her family rented the property for their holidays. Dymchurch was a particular favourite and at one time two properties were rented to accommodate all the friends who would come to visit. The properties were furnished with second-hand goods bought locally.