The Edith Nesbit Society

President: Dame Jacqueline Wilson, OBE


Hubert Bland with his son John After continued successes with her publications Edith Nesbit was able to enjoy holidays in the Kentish countryside. Dymchurch was a particular favourite and for a number of years she would rent a cottage or house for all her family and friends to visit.

Another holiday haunt was Yalding and in particular, rowing on the River Medway.

The attractions of the Medway are described by Edith in two of her novels Salome and the Head and The Incredible Honeymoon.

'The Medway just above the Anchor (at Yalding, Kent) is a river of dreams. The grey and green of willows and alders mirror themselves in the still water in images hardly less solid-seeming than their living realities. There is pink loosestrife there, and meadow-sweet creamy and fragrant, forget-me-nots wet and blue, and a tangle of green weeds and leaves and stems that only botanists know the names of.'

'If you go to Yalding you may stay at the George and be comfortable in a little village that owns a haunted churchyard, a fine church, and one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe.'

The photo is of Hubert Bland with his son John at Dymchurch