The Edith Nesbit Society


'Fabian Bland's Graveside, St John's Church, Eltham'
Each year after our AGM in October we make our way to St John's Churchyard, Eltham where Fabian Bland is buried. Fabian was the son of Edith Nesbit and Hubert Bland. He died, aged 15, on 18 October 1900, following the administration of chloroform for the removal of his tonsils. His grave is unmarked.
In 1901 Edith dedicated her book 'The Would-be-Goods' to 'My Dear Son Fabian Bland'.

Members of the Society place a small posy of flowers at the graveside of Fabian Bland

Edith Nesbit's grave, St Mary in the Marsh
Birthday Celebrations at St. Mary in the Marsh, Romney Marsh 2013
Members of the Society celebrate the 155th anniversary of the birth of Edith Nesbit, in Kennington London, on 15th August 1858.
Derbyshire 2016
The Society spent time in and around New Mills where Edith Nesbit liked to visit her family

House with Three Chimneys, Derbyshire

Members of the Society enjoy a meal at the Tudor Barn in honour of Hubert Bland
Hubert Bland Remembered
100 years ago, 14 April, 1914 Hubert Bland died, in the arms of Alice Hoatson, at his home Well Hall. We met together for a dinner, in Hubert's honour, at the Tudor Barn, Eltham.
The Railway Children
Every two years at Hythe there is a Venetian Fete and the Society takes part. The fete is held on the Hythe Military Canal with a flotilla of decorated rafts. The society usually depicts one of Edith Nesbit's book titles and in 2005 it was The Railway Children and in 2007 The Enchanted Castle. In 2009 we won second place in our class with 'The Phoenix and the Carpet'. In 2011, we depicted '5 Children and It' with a huge Psammead.
In 2013, we once again depicted 'The Railway Children' telling the story of the Old Gentleman when he is asked to help their mother who is unwell. He is asked to 'LOOK OUT AT THE STATION' For our 2015 entry we chose another depiction from 'The Railway Children'. The train is coming out of the tunnel and a tree is ready to fall across the line.

Will the train stop in time?

The house used in the 1970's film forThe House with 3 Chimneys
The Railway Children in Yorkshire
In May 2015 members of the Society visited Yorkshire to spend a weekend based on the 1970's film of The Railway Children. We spent time on the Keighley Worth Valley Railway, had tea and buns in the waiting room at Oakworth Station, visited Haworth, the home of Doctor Forrest, and walked much of The Railway Children Walk.